Lightning In A Saddle​​
The Long , Untamed Life of Evelyn Hamilton

Barred from the Tour de France.
She rode to save their country. 

A  Partnership With
The Inga Thompson Foundation

War Hero

Record Breaker

Equality Pioneer

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Induction Into British Cycling Hall Of Fame
Statues And 
It's a complete oversight that one of Britain's most decorated female cyclists - with hundreds of wins, The Sporting Life Award, the half mile sprint record, 1,000 miles in 84 hours, 10,000 miles in 92 days, the Cross of Lorraine medal of honor for valor in WWII as a member of the France Resistance - is not in the British Cycling Hall of Fame.  We can't let Evelyn Hamilton be swallowed by the sands of time. We are applying  and petitioning the British Cycling Hall Of Fame to place her in their ranks.
Evelyn Hamilton deserves permanent statues/memorials so people can more easily discover her life story, pay homage to and better preserve and commenorate her legacy, accomplishments and heroics. We want to raise funds to place statues and memorials to this inspiring cyclist and heroine, Evelyn Hamilton, in cities in both England and the United States. We need artists, funds and locations.
Lightning In A Saddle: The Long, Untamed Life Of Evelyn Hamilton is the next book by bestselling writer, Joe Kurmaskie. Historical nonfiction cover-ing the life and heroism of Evelyn Hamilton, emancipated warrior of British cycling. Joe has completed a screenplay adaptation from the book in progress. Dubbed cycling's female Jackie Robinson meets Saving Private Ryan, it's an epic story of talent, ambition, fight for equality, recognition and a chance to race against men in the Tour de France.  A pioneer who won the larger races in life by helping others and going beyond herself. A dramatized version of her life - inspired by real events. 
 Evelyn Hamilton Deserves Her Place In History

Forgotten Cycling
Champion And War Heroine

Help Us Bring British Cycling Star Evelyn Glady's Hamilton Across The Finish Line Of History.
 Bested  Men's Tour de France Times, Pedaled Downed Airmen Across Enemy Lines, Ferried Coded Messages In Her Handlebars And Set Distance Records That Stood For Decades.

What? Reestablishing A Legacy
Why? - Fighting The Same Battles  A Century Later
We aim to bring the legacy of Evelyn Hamilton; cycling champ, war heroine and crusader for equality to her proper place in history. How? Induction into the cycling hall of fame, erecting statues and memorials, and helping the screenplay become a feature film and the book, Lightning In A Saddle read by folks all over the world. And raising funds in partnership with The Inga Thompson Foundation to finance more full time female bike racers.
Sometime you see an injustice and must try to right it. Evelyn Hamilton did so much for the cause of women's rights, equality, sport offering a determined, well lived life. And there's the war heroine part, risking her life numerous times to defeat Hitler. Evelyn Hamilton deserves to be rediscovered and her feats and humanity lauded as a model to all of us. 
How You Can Help 
Spread the word about this project to everyone with our shared links, become a friend of Evelyn Hamilton and donate to the memorial fund when it goes live, contact us with any connections to producers, actors and directors - we are actively shopping the completed screenplay as a full length feature film. If you'd like to help in any way with this campaign to put Evelyn Hamilton where she belongs in history - whether by donating, becoming a friend, working with us on the website, fundraising, designing  the memorial, giving us contacts for the screenplay, lobbying the cycling hall of fame,  get in touch @  [email protected]